About SightVisit

SightVisit puts you the visitor at the centre of the landscape experience. The emphasis is on personal exploration and discovery. On time well spent. Where you choose to stay is central to your experience, so SightVisit provides you with all you need to explore a chosen landscape, making your accommodation a destination in itself.

With bespoke ‘from the doorstep’ walks, Park & Stride walks that open up the most magical places nearby, plus Ride & Stride walks that give you scope to discard your car for a day and explore by local bus or train. With the liberty of a car SightVisit offers 2 hours 2 spare itineraries, showing you just how to get the most out of your time when passing through the locality, uniquely defined as a Landscape Community. In addition we have InSight films revealing intimate detail that enable you to begin to read the landscape, delivered by an acknowledged expert.

We start with a classic, the Hadrian’s Wall Landscape Community, and over the course of time this resource will be enriched to ensure you get the best from your time in this famous heritage landscape whenever you choose to come. We will be growing both in local content and area focus, establishing new Landscape Communities all around Britain. So there will always be somewhere new to inspire you to get the most out of your precious free time to unlock the great outdoors.