Hadrian’s Wall


The beautiful market town of Brampton is close to Hadrian’s Wall and built from local sandstone. The town acts as a base for exploring the wonderful areas

Broomlee Lough

On the southern edge of Northumberland National Park, lies the great spectacle of beauty that is Broomlee Lough. Sitting just north of Hadrian’s Wall, this impressive

Chesters Museum

Discover what life would have been like for the Romans here at this brilliant Roman fort and museum. Chesters Roman Fort and Museum is well-preserved,

The Cheviot

Being the highest summit amongst the Cheviot Hills, this picturesque site is but 2 miles from the Scottish borders and has several walking routes around

English Heritage

An English charity whose goal is to maintain and preserve the best of our historic past, so present and future generations can discover, learn and

Greenlee Lough

Greenlee Lough is a National Nature Reserve lake located in Northumberland about 3 miles north of Bardon Mill. Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Northumberland National Park