Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

The quintessential tourist attraction from Roman Britain, Hadrian’s Wall is an impressive 73 mile long wall structure with many forts, turrets and outposts spread along

Hadrian’s Wall Path

An 84 mile long distance footpath and original raison d’être for this website, Hadrian’s Wall path is a truly spectacular experience to any avid walker or for

Hadrian’s Wall via Roman Vindolanda

Just south of Hadrian’s Wall lies the Roman Vindolanda, formerly a northern frontier military post for Roman Britain. It is also the home of one of Britain’s

Hare Hill

Hare Hill is to the west of Banks Village, it is the most significant remains of the Roman Wall to lie in the west, still

Hotbank Crags

An area through which Hadrian’s Wall was built, Hotbank Crags is a rocky, hilly area of land in Northumberland, not far from the Roman Fort of Housesteads.

Hotbank Farm

Containing some of the most iconic views of the Roman Wall, Hotbank Farm has a traditional, working farm landscape with upland sheep and native breed