Banks Turret

Banks east turret is a fairly well preserved turret section of Hadrian’s Wall with adjoining stretches of wall still standing at either side. It is also known by the name of Turret 52A. Originally built to a 2 storey plan, ladders gave access to the first floor and up onto the roof for patrols of the wall. Nearby is another turret of the Roman Wall, Leahill Turret 51B, which was built to a similar design, and to be temporary houses for the soldiers patrolling the wall. In present day, there are information panels by these turrets, with reconstructed drawings of these impressive structures and how they would have looked and operated in the days of Hadrian’s Roman Britain. Between the two aforementioned turrets, lies Pike Hill Signal Tower, this was an early Roman signal tower before Hadrian’s Wall was even built! It lay on the Roman road from Corbridge to Carlisle, with two more watch towers built on high ground for warning and signalling to the Stagnate fort and other towers. When you see the original construction of this impressive signal tower, on the display boards, it will make you wish more of it was still there!

Banks Turret in Cumbria is a fascinating look into Roman defence on their famous wall, very close to other turrets and towers. This area is brilliant for anybody passing by with even the slightest interest in Roman Britain. If you are taking on the Hadrian’s Wall trail, you will pass straight by and can take a rest here to look at the educational display boards of these impressive structures in their prime.