Bonnyrigg is a Scottish town in Midlothian, eight miles south-east of Edinburgh. As of 2001, the town’s population is roughly 14,457. It is an ex-mining town, from the end of the 1700’s coal was being mined from 4 small villages which combined in 1865 to form Bonnyrigg. These villages were Red Row, Polton Street, Hillhead and the original Bonnyrigg. Bonnyrigg also formed with Lasswade to from a single burgh. The town was also well known for its railway which, unfortunately, closed in 1951. It was also famous for the manufacturing of Carpets, right up to 1980 when that was also decommissioned. Sadly, gone are the days of the great coal industry which thrived in this area, almost without a trace, and with the railroad and carpet work coming to an end, one might question how a small town is still surviving? Being in close proximity to Edinburgh, Bonnyrigg has thrived thanks to tourism and property for sale in the area, people needing to live nearby Edinburgh for work commitments etc. Being only 2 miles away, significant amounts of property have been built in Bonnyrigg which means properties for sale are being snapped up. Being 2 miles from the city centre, in a quiet town is ideal.

Bonnyrigg is a pleasant, quaint town which is worth a visit if you are in the vicinity of Edinburgh, even for just a cup of tea! If you are looking to move to Scotland, Edinburgh is a great city to be near, so homes for sale in Bonnyrigg might be worth a look!