Broomlee Lough

On the southern edge of Northumberland National Park, lies the great spectacle of beauty that is Broomlee Lough. Sitting just north of Hadrian’s Wall, this impressive inland lake isn’t one of the more popular tourist attractions in Northumberland because it’s so out in the wild and far north. However the people that do venture there go because of its stunning natural beauty, wildlife and old legends of hidden treasure in the lake! It’s especially popular with walkers exploring the Hadrian’s Wall routes and taking in all the gorgeous scenery the area has to offer and seeing the Roman Wall from a fresh perspective. Fishing is popular in Broomlee Lough due to its rich, deep waters. Unfortunately, the White-clawed Crayfish, present here, are a protected species as they are in decline in Britain and Europe.

Beyond Broomlee Lough lies Wark Forest which is the southern section of Keilder forest, again, very popular with walkers and mountain cyclists alike and home to a range of wonderful wildlife. The way the sunlight hits the water bouncing up to paint the rich, deep greens of the hills and landscape of the area really is a sight to behold if you are planning a walk along Hadrian’s Wall.