Crag Lough

Another inland lake in the Northumberland National Park, Crag Lough, is located at the southern edge with a section of Hadrian’s Wall standing right next to it. The area has many west-facing walls which attract climbers as well as walkers for the Roman wall and stunning scenery. Climbing seems to be extremely popular in this crag as there are over 100 climbing routes in lower grades up strong natural lines. Another benefit of walking or climbing here is its only 20 minutes travel from the village of Once Brewed with a hostel and public house. Conditions are often described as being “fresh” in this area and the fine grain texture creates a slippery surface with any rainfall or dampness. 259 Million Years ago a fine layer of Grained Dolerite (or basalt) was injected between older rocks, this lies under the majority of Northern England. The rock formed its notable blocky structure when it cooled, leaving the crag we know today! Some maps name the cliff as “Highshield Crag”.

Crag Lough is actually listed by SPNR (Society for the promotion of nature reserves), due to its range of insect and plant life. The area is actually owned by the National Trust who maintains and preserves its idyllic, natural beauty. With climbing in England becoming more popular and walking the Hadrian’s Wall routes so stunning, why not see this gorgeous crag for yourself, whether new to the outdoor adventuring lifestyle or a timid newcomer, we highly recommend Crag Lough!