English Heritage

An English charity whose goal is to maintain and preserve the best of our historic past, so present and future generations can discover, learn and understand their rich heritage. The English Heritage has over 400 sites open to the public up and down the country. 11 million visitors each year, including just fewer than 750,000 members, get to enjoy the splendour of these educational, fascinating sites all year round. Taking care of listed buildings, whether it’s some reconstruction or improvements to the roof, the charity restores and maintains impressive buildings and structures by giving out its grants. The famous Stonehenge is actually an English Heritage site, with the charity currently trying to improve the visitor experience by building a new visitor centre. So, it’s not all about preservation, though that is of great importance, it’s also about the overall experience and educational factors of these wonderful sites, to give the visitors a memorable experience.

Hadrian’s Wall is actually an English Heritage site, being cared for and maintained by the charity so we can enjoy discovering it for ourselves. Most recently a project was carried out by the English Heritage Ariel Survey Team whereby they photographed the entire of the Roman Wall from a bird’s eye view. This has allowed the team to manage and understand the wall even greater than before, with new, emerging information and archaeological features. To understand, value, care and enjoy, that is what English Heritage stands for and why we must be thankful for all the great work they do. We highly recommend you visit any of their sites for great days on in England, especially Hadrian’s Wall!