Greenlee Lough

Greenlee Lough is a National Nature Reserve lake located in Northumberland about 3 miles north of Bardon Mill. Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Northumberland National Park jointly own and manage this wild reserve. This is partly due to the presence of White-clawed Crayfish which are a species in decline in Europe and the UK. This is a fantastic place to visit if you are a lover of rich wildlife and nature or just beautiful, untouched countryside. Wildfowl and Wader use the Lough to feed in its shallow waters and wetlands. With most of Greenlee Lough being open water, Reed Bed, Blanket Bog and Herb Fen can be found along the lakes edges. Due to the fact it is close to Hadrian’s Wall, Greenlee Lough was actually heavily utilised by the Romans as a reservoir.

There is a bird hide located in Greenlee Lough and also a boardwalk was built through the Reed Beds to really get up close and personal with the wildlife on offer here! Another lovely location to stop and take in along your walking adventure, this very special wildlife reserve needs to be seen in person and experience to truly appreciate it. A national Park Guide to this reserve is available at the Once Brewed Visitor Centre. The Twice Brewed Inn on Hadrian’s Wall provides meals and accommodation and is an ideal stop off point as well as a starting point for walks and journeys in this glorious area.