Hadrian’s Wall via Roman Vindolanda

Just south of Hadrian’s Wall lies the Roman Vindolanda, formerly a northern frontier military post for Roman Britain. It is also the home of one of Britain’s top Roman archaeological findings, the Vindolanda Writing Tablets, and one of Europe’s most important Roman archaeological sites. With the fantastic museum on site, regular live excavations and history coming to life in a stunning location, the Roman Vindolanda is a phenomenal, historical and educational experience. If you are following the trail of the Roman Wall you simply must take time to explore this fascinating, historical treasure. The museum, standing next to Walltown Crags, transports your imagination back to the days of life in the Roman Army. There are three brilliant exhibitions and even an exciting, immersive 3D film screening that really takes you back to Hadrian’s Wall in its prime! Open from February till October, 10am till 5pm, this is an absolute must for anybody with even the slightest interest in Roman British history or for anybody walking Hadrian’s Wall.

Both the museum and the archaeological site have gift shops where you can pick up some great books, games, toys and jewellery as well as make any donations for further excavating. Both sites also have cafes because historical exploration and finding out about who built Hadrian’s Wall is a hungry business! Choose from a range of locally sourced foods and drinks at very reasonable prices and keep yourself well fuelled for more adventuring. If you prefer to bring your own food, there are scenic picnic spaces available. The Roman Vindolanda comes with our highest praise and recommendation, a fantastic experience!