Hadrian’s Wall

The quintessential tourist attraction from Roman Britain, Hadrian’s Wall is an impressive 73 mile long wall structure with many forts, turrets and outposts spread along it. It is phenomenally popular with tourists from all over the country and world, as well as walkers and cyclists. To get an idea of its impression on the rest of the world, USA today quoted that the Roman wall is “Better than Stonehenge” and that’s really saying something! The wall is actually classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations. In AD 122 the wall was constructed in an impressive 8 years at the start of Hadrian’s reign and is the biggest building project from Roman Britain. Why was Hadrian’s Wall built? Well, quite simply to separate England and Scotland, to keep out the “Barbarians” of whom the Romans fought, for Hadrian’s ideal of “defence before expansion”.

One must not assume that this is just an old ruined wall snaking across the countryside of Northumberland; it is so much more and has a lot to offer to a range of interests. It holds amazing archaeology, stunning vistas and landscapes, rare and fascinating wildlife, nearby cities and total solitude. The Hadrian’s Wall trail lets you soak in all of the wonders as you travel across the countryside, either on foot or bike, alongside this historic splendour. With Roman forts, public houses, museums, quaint B&B’s, Housesteads and nearby towns spread all along the wall, you are sure to have an adventure unlike anything else in the country! To put it lightly, here at SightVisit, we love Hadrian’s Wall!