Hare Hill

Hare Hill is to the west of Banks Village, it is the most significant remains of the Roman Wall to lie in the west, still standing at an impressive 2.7 meters high. Part of the wall has been slightly reconstructed due to damages, but the core remains original to this day. Often overlooked by people who visit Hadrian’s Wall because it’s a bit harder to find than some of the other forts and more common sections, Hare Hill gives more to the imagination in terms of its extra visible height. Though some of the wall is sunken and hidden under scrub, your mind’s eye begins to piece it all together. You start to realise, even more so, the impressive scale and architectural accomplishment of Hadrian and his Roman Soldiers. One can begin to image the whole wall standing tall, with over 2,000 soldiers needed to patrol it, day and night!

The nearest toilets, facilities and shops are obviously in the nearby Banks Village and Lanercost. This location is recommended for experienced walkers that like to explore wilder locations, a bit further afield. It is still a great site to see for anybody interested in historical places from Roman Britain. A great piece of English heritage, just remember to come prepared with maps and directions, food and drink and any other necessities you will need!