Hotbank Crags

An area through which Hadrian’s Wall was built, Hotbank Crags is a rocky, hilly area of land in Northumberland, not far from the Roman Fort of Housesteads. Known for its hilly ascents and descents, winding over the green, picturesque hills, the Roman Wall and Hadrian’s Trail run right through this remarkable piece of land. Obviously, very popular with walkers and general sightseers, Hotbank Crags is also hugely admired by local and national photographers. Many calendars, postcards and amateur photography includes breath taking scenic vistas of green lands and Roman ruins, topped off and sprinkled with interesting seasonal weather and constantly changing light. One could argue that for walking and photography, Hotbank Crags is simply the tip of the iceberg in this region, but what a wonderful place to start! It is arguably one of the best places to see Hadrian’s Wall and with plenty of b&b, accommodation and hotels near Hadrian’s Wall, why not treat yourself to this historic, cultural and beautiful aspect of English heritage, starting with Hotbank Crags!