Housesteads Roman Fort

Housesteads, formerly known as Vercovicium, is a Roman Fort located on Hadrian’s Wall. It can be accessed and viewed along the Hadrian’s walk and many other routes connect up to this impressive cornerstone of Roman Britain’s history. Its ruins are located south of Broomlee Lough, in the civil parish of Bardon Mill. In AD 124, not long after construction on the Roman Wall began, the fort was built from local stone but was prone to collapse so needed to be reconstructed several times. Today, The National Trust owns the site and it is maintained by English Heritage. With remains of the barrack blocks and commandant’s house to see, it is a popular tourist attraction. There is also a new museum nearby which proudly displays the archaeological finds from the site and includes CGI recreations of the original fort and buildings, a great look into the past!

This a brilliant Northumberland tourist attraction and an excellent stop off point for those walking Hadrian’s Wall! Between the site and the museum, you can let your imagination run wild as to what Roman life would have been like for the 800 soldiers based here. The location of the site offers 360 degree vistas of inspiring, natural beauty as you take in the gorgeous views and watch the Wall of Hadrian snake off into the distance, probably where you’re heading next if you are walking it!