Irthing Valley

This is a valley located in Cumbria through which the river Irthing flows. Lanercost Priory is also located in the valley, with the river being the main source of fresh running water. Unfortunately, there are rapidly eroding cliffs in some areas of the valley which actually threaten the southern side of Birdoswald Roman Fort, the landscape is still recovering from glacial alternation. The river was actually crossed by Hadrian’s Wall at Willowford, this marked an important evolution for the Roman’s in their Wall building, highlighting the importance of stone building in the east. In the valley itself, the Roman Wall can be seen high on the North side, high up on the cliffs for the most part. The valley isn’t visited as much as other local attractions and is quite a quiet place for a peaceful stroll and a bit of exploration! The remains of ancient mediaeval shielding have been found on the banks of the raised bog in Butterburn Flow, where the river flows through Keilder Forest. Some of these findings have been granted ancient monument status.

There is a high school on Longtown Road in Brampton which, until 1980, was originally called “Irthing Valley School” but changed its name to William Howard School. The school holds around 1600 children pupils and after school hours it serves as an adult education centre as well as a venue for community meetings, clubs and musical performances.