Military Way

A modern given name, Military Way is the title of the Roman road which was built to the south of Hadrian’s Wall. A public right of way means you can enjoy this walk yourself in present day, without the swords and sandals! The Military Way path runs from Milking Gap near, Milecastle 38, to Walltown Quarry. The road was built from large stones, the customary way the Romans constructed most of their roads and paths, and it was not intended for the use of wheeled vehicles. Although not officially part of the Hadrian’s Wall trail, one can still use Military Way as a smaller walk or incorporate it into your Hadrian’s Wall trail by crossing onto it between Housesteads and Steel Rigg. The benefit of this alternate path is a much less hilly route and still providing accessibility to Milecastles and any other viewpoints along the Roman wall.

Do you think you could handle the, more often than not, tough Roman military way of life? Well walking the Military Way is a good starting point! This is a great chance to experience some rich history from Roman Britain and imagine the Roman soldiers walking along this path, most likely tired after building that wall! Take in the gorgeous countryside vistas and follow the impressive feat of building that is Hadrian’s Wall.