Moot Hall

In the centre of the pleasant Cumbrian town of Brampton, not far from Murray Park, lies Moot Hall, an octagonal building which was constructed in 1817. The building now has a modern purpose as a tourism information centre but its original purpose, before some reconstruction, was used by Oliver Cromwell to house up to 40 prisoners! After that, it was given to the people of Brampton. The Brampton Community has actually had recent consideration as to changing the building to a venue of tourism itself, as an art venue. They want Moot Hall to help sell Brampton as an ancient market town. As of now, however, you can find out about Cumbrian tourist information and regional sightseeing, entertainment and businesses.

Another major plan to bring Moot Hall to life, as a tourist attraction, is turning it into a rooftop Brampton cafe. This would utilise an underused function and meeting room space as a seating area upstairs and serving coffee and snacks from downstairs, sounds great to us! This cafe could potentially be mixed with an exhibition space downstairs, with local art and information about local historic sites, like Hadrian’s Wall! Overall, Brampton is a lovely little town, very close to Hadrian’s Wall, and well worth a visit if you are walking the Roman wall or just visiting the region. Stop by for a cup of tea in one of the lovely cafes and check out Moot Hall for some comprehensive tourist information and a look at a wonderful, historic building.