Sewingshields Crags

Known for its striking views of Hadrian’s Wall, Sewingshields Crags lies along the Hadrian Wall walk in Simonburn, Northumbria. This area of natural magnificence and historical relevance has become a popular photo canvas for aspiring and professional photographers. A photography canvas like the Roman Wall and surrounding areas looks great in a portfolio and often makes it into regional calendars and postcards. However, a long time before Hadrian built his wall, there stood another historical monument, now long since destroyed in the 19th century. It was once home to a grand castle, and legend has it that it was one of King Arthurs many homes, imagine that, King Arthur and the Roman Empire, both occupying the same space, many moons apart! The legend goes even further to say that King Arthuer, Queen Guinevere and his loyal knights actually rest in old castle vaults, deep beneath the earth, below the site of Sewingshields Crags… That one is certainly up for debate, but what an extraordinary myth, now that would be something to catch on canvas!

Nearby village, Simonburn, is also well worth a visit, described as an “Olde Worlde” village and includes the Simonburn Tea Rooms which is also a Hadrian’s Wall b&b and a gift shop. Open every day, with luxury accommodation and scrumptious homemade food and drinks and free Wi-Fi! Pick up some presents and souvenirs from the splendid gift shop and experience this gorgeous little village for yourself. If you are visiting the area or walking the wall, you simply must visit Sewingshields Crags and Simonburn. In such a hustle and bustle day and age, it’s a peaceful little detour into a old-world, serene way of life.